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Housing advice by CAT

Anyone who knows me knows that furnishing and styling has been one of my great passions since I was 20 years old. I have had the privilege of accompanying many housing consultations in the past. My specialty is optimizing with what already exists or with just a few additions. I discuss the wishes with the customer and immediately come up with a few ideas. These are usually very easy or even immediate to implement.

I had the privilege of working for artemano as a professional decorator and housing consultant for a number of years. It was a great pleasure to set up the large industrial halls in Sirnach as the main person responsible and to design the two-storey shop in Zurich with 7 shop windows attractively for the shop visitors. I enjoyed the great responsibility and was constantly challenged with what I had to get the most out of it and to take visitors into living environments. In addition to individual housing advice at the customers' homes, I took over the conception of the facade design, designed shop in shop on Bahnhofstrasse and in the Glatt center, wrote signs,  Wall designs and concepts but also supported my boss when shopping at trade fairs and opened up new shopping channels.

Before this job, I spent many years designing walls with pure earth pigments and layers of glaze, and sometimes did plaster work, in addition to providing housing advice.

I gave up these activities in favor of my painting in order to focus on my art since I became self-employed in 2017. Now I've decided to accept housing advice from time to time, because I just enjoy it and I'm asked about it again and again. be honest, I can't always just redecorate my own 40 m2 apartment...grin.

If you are interested in a home improvement, please contact me. Then I look at my agenda and we make an appointment, as long as my painting allows it. Then we would be happy to make you an offer tailored to your needs: or WhatsApp 078 724 77 69

A few impressions of my work over the last few years:

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